Getting Ready to Welcome You Back

School Resumption Arrangements

The Education Bureau has announced in April that all schools in Hong Kong would gradually resume their classes in phases and orderly manner, with half-day classes in principle. Students must complete a rapid antigen test before returning to school each day, and can only return to school with a negative result. Schools are also required to collect student data every day and report it to the Centre for Health Protection. Parents are requested to assist their children to complete the quick check and fill in the ” Health Declaration Form” before returning to school every day. If the test result is positive, students are not allowed to return to school, and please notify the school as soon as possible and stay home. Parents of the students are also required to report to the Department of Health through the “Declaration System for individuals tested positive for COVID-19 using Rapid Antigen Test” ( within 24 hours.

The 40th Anniversary Celebration had been a success!

The 40th School Anniversary Celebration – Online Live Show

The 40th School Anniversary Celebration details are shown below and Mr. Ng Yip Kwan will perform with our students.

Date: 16th December,2021 (Thursday)

Time: 11:00 a.m.

Youtube Live Link:

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Good Character Show Program and Parent’s Workshop

Our kindergarten participates in the ” Good Character Show Program ” co-organized by the ” Christian & Missionary Alliance Church Union Hong Kong Limited – Tuen Mun Church Family Services – Hing Yiu Service Centre ” and “Lingnan University”. Through their sharing of moral stories and interactive games, children can experience the six good morals. They have group activities to teach children good attitude and moral values, and promote them to have substantial behavior changes in characters. At the same time, we also organize parent workshops to let parents understand the importance of cultivating good morals and values ​​at a young age.

International Costume Day

Our kindergarten specially arranges a lively and interesting International Costume Day. Through those costumes, children cannot only learn about different cultural characteristics, but they can enjoy the fun of diversified activities. Students wear costumes of different countries and make special masks, and become one-day international clothing models, showing different cultural colours to fascinate the activity.

“Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Parent-child Design Competition”-Lantern Viewing Day

The “Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Parent-child Design Competition” received nearly 190 entries from the contestants this year. The principal of fellow TWGHs Kindergarten Ms. Lo, was the judge to select the winner, the first runner-up, the second runner-up award and merit prize at all levels. At the same time, on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, our kindergarten also invited parents to watch the exquisite lanterns, made by the contestants to enjoy the felicity of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Added diversified campus facilities- Interactive Floor Learning Platform

The interactive floor learning platform integrates computers, projectors and sensing devices. Children can play music, logic, language, physical fitness and other games on the floor mats by touching the projected images with their hands and feet. Teachers keep uploading learning materials in accordance with the theme content regularly, in order to let children learn through play.

Added Diversified Campus Facilities – Large Building Block Wall

Our kindergarten has added a large building block wall, and it aim is for children to use large building blocks to build different things together and show their creativity. In the process of building, it can bring many benefits to the children, it helps children to improve their hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning ability, enhance cognition, flexibility, language ability and creativity, as well as develop children’s thinking ability.