Colloration Programme

Creative Comprehensive Arts Programme in Early Childhood
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals obtained funding from the Quality Education Fund in 2012-2013 to implement the “Educational Integrated Arts Programme in early childhood” in order to develop comprehensive visual arts curriculum and at the same time, to enhance teachers’ abilities in “visual arts”, “music” and “formation of dancing”, thus to promote the creative education in early childhood effectively.

READ & WRITE : Reading and Writing Support Scheme

Our kindergarten participates in the “Reading and Writing Support Scheme” jointly organised by the Chinese University and the Heep Hong Society. It is through the teaching strategies training of teacher to enhance children’s Chinese listening, Chinese speaking, Chinese reading and Chinese writing, and, using assessment tools to identify the children who need support, so as to achieve the goal of top-notch.
Jockey Club Keep-fit Formula for Children


Children health’s is important. Therefore, our kindergarten continues to promote health education in the school actively. Supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Hong Kong Federation of Physical Fitness of Hong Kong has implemented a three-year “Jockey Club Keep-fit Formula for Children ” programme to provide quality and professional teaching support and services to 100 kindergartens in Hong Kong.
It is a great honor for our kindergarten’s students to be selected as members to provide data for the programme to help formulate an effective model for the development of students’ physical fitness. The program integrates physical fitness elements into various learning areas of early childhood education, and integrates fun and relaxed sports activities into different disciplines, increasing the amount of students physical activity, allowing them to learn more about the conditions of themselves and their physical abilities,also, to enhance children’s participation in physical fitness activities in their spare time which help establish a good atmosphere in sports literacy.
Education Burea School-based Support Services for Kindergartens
The school-based support programme is designed to cater for the development of kindergarten education and is generally for a period of one year. The core of education reform is to cultivate students’ ability to learn and to maintain an open minded and positive attitude. Through systematic and close interactive discussions between teachers and principals, the professional knowledge and ability of participating in the work can be improved, and relevant learning can be developed.
Our kindergarten participation purpose of this project is to understand the teaching strategies in the process, amply reward for this success, thus enhancing the skills of teachers’ music teaching. In the past years, our teachers participated in the “Mainland and Hong Kong Teacher Exchange and Collaboration Scheme” of the Education Bureau. They exchanged ideas with Mainland teachers and jointly developed music comprehensive creative activities, as well as conducting in-depth teaching and research work to enrich their music knowledge for music curriculum, such as dancing, rhythm and percussion, which help raise children’s understanding in musical elements and cultivate interest in music.
Drama Education Programme
Our kindergarten is convinced that the drama education can help promote the comprehensive learning of children. In 2004-05, we applied for funding from the Quality Education Fund to organise the “Family Carnival Theatre” and invited the “Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education” to jointly organise “Teacher Professional Development Training” and “Parental Drama Training Course”. This year, we continue to use the drama leading children to express and learn with language and body movements, and to develop potential under a relaxed and happy situation.
Certified Spinal Care Campus


Our Kindergarten is “Certified Spinal Care Campus”, for more information, please refer to the website of Children Chiropractic Foundation.
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