Parent-School Cooperation

Our kindergarten holds meeting regularly, parents can provide constructive advice to the school and organize a number of parent-child activities through rounding up volunteer parents to assist students in learning, out going activities, and in addition being a story parent. Moreover, parent will help assist in borrowing books and teaching marterials, etc., to achieve a partnership for home and school cooperation.
Oral Health Education Talk for Parents
"Parent-child crochet to show love - gratitude and warmth"
Aromatherapy workshop
Intimate Companion Parent Certificate Program
"Parent Discipline Group" activities

Parents’ Association

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Joint School Parent Seminar-Positive Discipline Skills Workshop

Parents Love Academy-Preparation for 100 Days

Parent Training Workshop: Brainpower Teaches Emotional Intelligence Group

High Class Primary One Allocation Lecture

“Home, Long, Love Academy” Parent Lecture

Positive Education Lecture

Haode Kids Workshop

The first meeting of family churches and alumni associations

Low class home school workshop: how to train children’s writing skills at home

Yan Oi Tong Environmental Lecture and Washing Powder Production

Kiddieworld Parent Meeting

Volunteer Parent Workshop

Vaccination Seminar

Senior Parents’ Meeting

Lower Class Parents Conference

“Playing Heart Forest” Parent Course

“Sow the Seeds of Books” Parent Seminar

Book Lab Story Experience Hall “Parents Companion Training”

Inauguration Ceremony of the 21st Parent Teacher Association and 15th Alumni Association

Volunteer Parents’ Association-Demonstration Story

Parent-child High GO GO Theater Performance On Campus

Parent-child High GO GO Theatre Off-Campus Performance

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